Heading into General Conference

Oregon Convention Center arial view

What are you feeling heading into General Conference 2016?

“I feel more hopeful than fearful. I sense that God will surprise us in the midst of the proceedings. I am excited about how God will work in and through us.”

  • Gary Henderson

“I am excited to be a part of this global holy conferencing of the children of John Wesley, the people called United Methodists, but in the same way a little bit anxious about the different thoughts, ideas and agendas that might lead to unholy conferencing. But I trust in the power of the Holy Spirit that God is not finished with us yet. That at the end of the General Conference, we will still be all brothers and sisters called to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world.”

  • Armando Arellano

“I am feeling a little anxious.  I want to do God’s will – not what is politically right, not what the Methodists want but what the heart of God wants for His people called UNITED Methodist.”

  • Delaine McGhee

“As I prepare for my fifth General Conference as an East  Ohio clergy delegate,  I am grateful for the prayers of the many laypersons and clergy from our conference, as well as from around the world, who have been praying for those who will be part of General Conference 2016.   I also am thankful for each member of our delegation as we journey together during the course of these next two weeks.”

  • Dr. Gary George

“I am excited to see a part of the Church that I’ve never experienced.  It will be great to have the global church all in one room.  A bit intimidating to think the entire General Church is represented by fewer than 900 people and that I’m one of them.  Having done my homework, I’m disappointed that what we will be doing is discussing church business and not church work.  We have 800 some people from around the world for 10 days spending $12 million and an amazingly small amount of the time will be talking about making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

  • Brian Sheetz

“I travel to Portland with a hopefulness that God’s grace will move in our midst in surprising ways as we worship, meet sisters and brothers from around the world, and engage in Christian conferencing in ways that lift up and don’t tear down.”

  • Dan Bryant  

“When I study the resolutions and petitions I struggle with frustration and anger; however, in my devotions and Sunday worship the Lord reminds me of hope in Him and that it is in His love and strength I go to General Conference.”

  • Holly Grant

“I’m taking a deep breath, feeling the Spirit of God.  I’m wondering what issues will take over General Conference, knowing that God is in control of our great United Methodist Church.  At the end of the day will all the legislation make a difference? No!  Reality will set in and I trust God will speak.”

  • Allen Laferty
  • Photo Courtesy of Oregon Convention Center