May 11 – The World-wide Church Takes Center Stage

Revs Don and Tammy Kuntz

Wednesday began bright and early – well, early anyways.  I admit I wasn’t too “bright” after a long day on Tuesday.

My thoughts on Wednesday at Genera Conference.

I arrived early at the Convention Center to catch a photo of the East and West Ohio delegates who wanted to pray over Bishop Palmer before he delivered the Episcopal Address. Bishop Keaton and others joined the Ohio delegates in laying hands on Bishop Palmer.

The bishop’s address to the body was powerful and profound.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, those words would foreshadow what I would experience the rest of the day.

I had great conversation with some of our delegates, and also with many delegates from other conferences.

I watched through the lens of my camera as Sharon Seyfarth Garner shared her gift of language by serving as a French translator in the Ministry and Higher Education Legislative Committee room.

I used my photo pass gain access to the committee rooms, inside of which on Wednesday all delegates watched a video on Christian Conferencing and then took part in conversations about the world-wide nature of the Church.

I spoke to the MTSO students who took the minutes in the rooms and then compiled them into one document afterwards.

And I was able to experience the fellowship side of General Conference by going out to a real dinner (unlike my burger and fries lunch, a photo of which I tweeted out yesterday) with friends and colleagues from the North Central Jurisdiction.

Later today (Thursday) the legislative committees begin their work in earnest.  The Financial Administration committee will be chaired by Jessica Vargo, who was voted to the position by committee members yesterday.

Pray for patience among those gathered here in Portland as the business of General Conference begins.

By Rick Wolcott, East Ohio Conference Director of Communications
Photo of Revs. Don and Tammy Kuntz